Integrated Communication Media!

An Indonesian-Made Social Media Application with an integrated communications media that combines voice and video calling, instant messaging, and emailing in one easy-to-use application with a guaranteed data security.

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Live Streaming

Explore and Stream your world. Watch the news, visit new places, or meet new people and exchange your thoughts - all of this at your fingertips.

Find other users and watch their streams. Interact with them directly in the comments.

Live Seminar

You can create, attend seminars on training, marketing, and on long-distance business meetings with an enviable video and audio quality.

Schedule to meet a large audience directly, quickly, and easily;

Moderate your seminars (streamer can provide the audience with the opportunity to ask questions);

Interact via the Q&A in one screen.

Run them on the background so they still run when you use other applications while the seminar is running.

Video Calling

Don't just listen, look!

Discuss with up to 32 friends or family members by video calling them! See everyone smile and cry when you give them news of your marriage.

Integrated Instant Messaging & Emailing

You can create discussion groups with up to 100,000 users.

Share up to 50 MB of various media files, videos, or any documents.

Integrated emails to ease communications through a single-layer app.


We store neither your email nor your phone number.

The implementation of an end-to-end encryption guarantees the security and privacy of your conversation data.


Constructed entirely by Indonesian programmers and engineers without third party software components.

Our servers are located in Indonesia.

Use IndonesiaBisa to communicate with your family, friends, co-workers, community, or social group members.

You can enjoy the experience of integrated communication and maximum security because we understand that data is more precious than oil.

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